Preventive and General Dentistry

Regular Preventive Dentistry

Our preventive appointments include a thorough examination, x-rays (if required), scale and clean, and a fluoride treatment.

We offer the most advance and pain free scale and clean using ultrasonic and airflow techniques. Treatments such as AirFlow use a silicone coated powder which remove stains effectively and quickly whilst remaining kind to the tooth surface.

We believe prevention is the best treatment. We encourage our patients to have a good regular oral regime at home and 6 monthly dental check-ups. This will ensure a reduced risk of decay, serious infections or gum disease.

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TMJ Disorder Diagnosis and Treatment

We diagnose and treat TMJ disorder and night grinding problem

A well constructed Astron splint can eliminates the unnatural wear of our teeth and to prevent associate symptoms of clicking, locked jaw or migraines.

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Paediatric (Children) Dentistry

We encourage children from age 2 to 3, to have their first dental visit. Starting from an early age encourages good dental habits and reduces the fears of seeing a dentist. It also enables early detection of abnormal growth and development of the jaw and the teeth.

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Composite (white) Fillings

Our practice is amalgam (Mercury) free. We use high quality composite materials and direct bonding techniques for all our restorations.

Tooth-coloured fillings are made to match your teeth exactly for a more aesthetically appealing restoration. Amalgam fillings tend to become dark or even black over time, which many people dislike. Additionally, when an amalgam filling is placed, healthy tooth structure must be removed to create retention grooves. Tooth-coloured fillings bond with the tooth, which not only creates a tighter seal but can also strengthen the tooth against fracture.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Composite Facings or Bonding

Composite is a cost effective restorative material for altering shade, shape and surface texture of teeth. This includes masking discolouration, close gaps or straighten teeth.

It wears like natural tooth structure occasionally requiring some maintenance to keep its appearance looking vital. Dental bonding may not be appropriate for everyone, but it does offer many benefits, including affordability, speed and attractive results.

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Porcelain and Zirconia Veneers

Porcelain or Zirconia Veneers require very minimal removal of tooth structure and they are placed by bonding them permanently to the front of your teeth. Using porcelain veneers, we can make changes to the shape, size and colour of your tooth that enhances your smile dramatically. They are stronger and will not discolour when compare to composite bonding materials.

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Porcelain and Zirconia Crowns and Bridges

We do not use metal backed crowns. Zirconia crowns are very strong and do not have any metal underneath, so there are no appearance of dark areas around your gum lines.

Porcelain crowns are translucent and have the most natural appearance. These properties allow them to blend in with your natural smile.

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Dental Implants

Dental implants are often the healthiest possible option for tooth replacement available today. The process for placing a dental implant is long, but once it has been completed, the implant can last a lifetime.

We only use original and high quality implants which are designed to give our patients fully functional and natural-looking restorations that aspire to last a lifetime.

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Teeth Straightening

At Our Dentist @ WorldSquare, we use invisible aligners like the Invisalign and Star Align systems for straightening teeth.

Clear orthodontic aligners are typically used for patients who have mild or moderately crowded teeth, or have minor spacing issues. Patients who have severe crowding or spacing problems — or severe underbites, overbites, or crossbites — may need more complex treatment.

The aligners consist of a sequence of clear, removable trays that fit over the teeth to straighten them. Each tray must be worn by the patient for a specified amount of time, usually around 20 hours a day for two weeks, before the patient can progress to the next tray. In most situations, the aligners can straighten teeth in anywhere from six to eighteen months.

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Teeth Whitening

Our Dentist @ WorldSquare offers customised whitening solutions that fit your needs and your lifestyle. We recommend and supervise the most suitable whitening programme for you. This may be the in-office whitening using the blue light technology or the take home solution.

Dental supervision during your whitening treatment can ensure you achieve the results you want without any of the risks. Using the whitening kits as directed can result in a brighter smile in just days, and touching up your results as necessary will give you a permanently whiter, brighter smile.

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Other Services

Root Canal Therapies

Root canal treatments preserve the tooth and functionality of teeth that would otherwise be extracted. Root canal treatment is a procedure which eliminates infection that has reached the nerves of the affected tooth. Signs of infection requiring root canal treatment include pain, prolonged sensitivity to hot or cold, tenderness to chewing, swelling and discolouration of the tooth.

During root canal treatment the infected nerves are removed and the inside of the tooth is disinfected and cleaned. It is then filled and sealed with a rubber-like material called gutta-percha. The tooth is then restored with a crown or permanent filling for protection. After the final restorations, the tooth continues to function like any other tooth.

We provide root canal therapies using the ProTaper Next and WaveOne rotary systems.

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At Our Dentist @ WorldSquare, we perform extractions only when necessary. However, should the need arise, our dentists are capable of undertaking surgical extractions of non complex wisdom teeth removal.

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We provide different options in denture construction depending on your needs.

Partial Chrome cobalt dentures are traditional metal base dentures which are strong and reliable.

Partial acrylic dentures are made from hard acrylic which is good as a transitional or temporary solution.

Flexible Partial dentures are a relatively new alternative to conventional partial dentures. We use nylon-like materials (Valplast) or vinyl composite (Astron Ultraflex).

Valplast® flexible partials can be the solution for you to replace one or more teeth. Unlike more traditional rigid, bulky and unstable dental materials Valplast flexible partial dentures are made from a flexible plastic material which fits neatly into your mouth and is virtually invisible. They do NOT require any unsightly metal clasps to keep them in place. They have a flexible base that adapts to the movement and flexibility in the mouth, leaving your original teeth free from any alteration.

For those requiring full dentures, we provide dentures that will support your facial muscles, improving your smile and enhancing your chewing and speaking abilities.

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Opening Hours

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100% Australian made

Our lab works are 100% Australian made. Some dental treatments like veneers, crowns, bridges, dental implants and dentures require construction in a laboratory setting. We only use local Australian labs, not only for better communication between us and the lab, but more importantly to ensure the work is consistently to the highest quality.

100% Australian made

Our lab works are 100% Australian made. Some dental treatments like veneers, crowns, bridges, dental implants and dentures require construction in a laboratory setting. We only use local Australian labs, not only for better communication between us and the lab, but more importantly to ensure the work is consistently to the highest quality.