Preventive and General Dentistry

Regular Preventive Dentistry

Our preventive appointments include a thorough examination, x-rays (if required), scale and clean, and a fluoride treatment.

We offer the most advance and pain free scale and clean using ultrasonic and airflow techniques. Treatments such as AirFlow use a silicone coated powder which remove stains effectively and quickly whilst remaining kind to the tooth surface.

We believe prevention is the best treatment. We encourage our patients to have a good regular oral regime at home and 6 monthly dental check-ups.This will ensure a reduced risk of decay, serious infections or gum disease.

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TMJ Disorder Diagnosis & Treatment

We diagnose and treat TMJ disorder and night grinding problem

A well constructed Astron splint can eliminates the unnatural wear of our teeth and to prevent associate symptoms of clicking, locked jaw or migraines.

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Paediatric (Children) Dentistry

We encourage children from age 2 to 3, to have their first dental visit. Starting from an early age encourages good dental habits and reduces the fears of seeing a dentist. It also enables early detection of abnormal growth and development of the jaw and the teeth.

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Composite (white) Fillings

Our practice is amalgam (Mercury) free. We use high quality composite materials and direct bonding techniques for all our restorations.

Tooth-coloured fillings are made to match your teeth exactly for a more aesthetically appealing restoration. Amalgam fillings tend to become dark or even black over time, which many people dislike. Additionally, when an amalgam filling is placed, healthy tooth structure must be removed to create retention grooves. Tooth-coloured fillings bond with the tooth, which not only creates a tighter seal but can also strengthen the tooth against fracture.

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Opening Hours

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